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Welcome to the Young Israel of Stamford

Welcome to the Young Israel of Stamford

Welcome to the Young Israel of Stamford. Our mission is to serve Stamford as a vibrant, family-oriented, Orthodox synagogue whose devoted members form a warm, caring and inviting community, guided by Torah and mitzvot. Learn more.

YIS Return to Shul Update

We need your help to make a minyan! Please make every effort to commit to at least one morning or evening minyan.

A few updates

1) We will continue to have both indoor and outdoor tefillot (or "hybrid" ones in the entryway of the shul and on the porch when our numbers are too low for both minyanim) for the foreseeable future. We want everyone to be comfortable davening, and outdoor services will continue as long as there are enough people to attend.

2) At this time, we are NOT increasing the maximum number of people inside or reducing the spacing from 6 ft between people, and we will continue to follow CDC guidelines. As more people are vaccinated, and if the CDC and CT department of health change their recommendations, we will act accordingly. 

3) Regardless of whether or not you are vaccinated, you must wear a mask and you must register for the appropriate minyan. 

4) Children ages 5 and up may join outdoor tefillot if they are able to sit with a parent for the full duration of the service. They, too, must be signed up and certainly wear a mask. 

5) We will begin to have Youth groups outdoors again after Pesach. These will also require a mask and 6 feet spacing. 

6) We will begin to have VACCINATED people have kibudim (honors) of hagba and gellila of the sefer Torah. We expect to begin having Aliyot again soon as well.

7) We are planning to begin having modified outdoor kiddushes in the parking lot, sometime after Pesach. Food will be pre-packaged and in separate containers per person. We strongly recommend wearing a mask during the time you are not eating and avoid group gatherings in close proximity. As more people are vaccinated, we will feel more comfortable with these gatherings. For now- please maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and other shul members while eating,- please continue to wear masks while gathering and socializing, and - all socializing should strictly remain outdoors.

8) Before each minyan, please verify that you are healthy, including not having a fever, cough, body aches, extreme fatigue, loss of taste and smell. If you have any of the above, please stay home.

9) ***If you intend to have out-of-town guests from the non-Tri-state area for Pesach, you must contact the gabbis or Rabbi Kohl BY WEDNESDAY to determine their eligibility to attend a minyan. **** 


Please note there are still many new cases of COVID -19 infection daily in Stamford. The virus is far from gone. PLEASE continue to use great caution in all your interactions with others, and PLEASE get vaccinated when available. Continue to wear masks, wash hands frequently and practice social distancing.

Rabbi Eli Kohl

Stephen Davidson

The Return to Shul Committee



Feel free to reach out to Rabbi Kohl, Greg, the Gabbaim (Allon Ivri, Doni Perl or R' Naftali Wolfe) or any of us on the Return To Shul committee (Shara Israel, Tzivia Moreen, Allon Ivri, Ilan Fogel, Leon Hanna, Eli Freedberg) if you have any concerns or questions. 

YIS Annual Gala: Community Cabaret

Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyyar 5781