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Welcome to the Young Israel of Stamford

Welcome to the Young Israel of Stamford

Welcome to the Young Israel of Stamford. Our mission is to serve Stamford as a vibrant, family-oriented, Orthodox synagogue whose devoted members form a warm, caring and inviting community, guided by Torah and mitzvot. Learn more.

YIS Reopening Update


We now have space for 20 men and 10 women on the Shabbat sign up sheet. You must sign up if you intend to come. Weekday sign up is through the WhatsApp group. For Shabbat, we will continue email to confirm the final list by Friday morning. Only those confirmed individuals may attend. There are at least 8 feet between individuals, even at that full capacity. We feel very comfortable welcoming ALL members of the shul, even those over 65 or with medical conditions, to join us.

All services will remain outdoors in our parking lot, and we plan to keep everything outdoors for the summer. If it rains, shul will be cancelled. Because of the summer heat, Shabbat morning t'fillot will start at 8:30am and end at approximately 10am. 

  • Everyone must wear a mask over nose and mouth.
  • Although children under bar/bat mitzvah age will, in general, not be permitted, we do welcome the near Bar/Bat mitzvah age child (11 or 12) who is able to stay close to a parent and daven in his/her place. 
  • No cars may be parked in the shul parking lot on Friday evening.
  • The shul will be locked - no bathroom access and no siddurim/chumashim access. Please bring your own siddur/chumash. 
  • We now have plastic chairs for everyone to use. 
  • One person will set up, take out, and layn from the Sefer Torah, receive all aliyot, wrap and return the sefer torah. 
  • We will have security at shul from 8:20am to 10:20am on Shabbat. 

Please be mindful when you enter and leave the parking lot to keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and others. Please go straight to the farthest available parking spot and stand in the center of it. There will be a michitzah set up by the five parking spots closest to the shul .

We do reiterate that if you have been ill yourself, been in contact with anyone who might be ill, or if you are uncomfortable coming for any reason, you should not come to minyan.




Feel free to reach out to Rabbi Kohl, Stephen, the Gabbaim (Allon Ivri, Doni Perl or R' Naftali Wolfe) or any of us on the Return To Shul committee (Shara Israel, Tzivia Moreen, Allon Ivri, Ilan Fogel, Leon Hanna, Eli Freedberg) if you have any concerns or questions. 

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Tue, July 14 2020 22 Tammuz 5780